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Templogger solves the daily burden of checking and recording your cold storage units. The devices connected to our cloud will record temperatures on a daily basis, giving your business a 'cool' peace of mind

Automatic Log

Temperatures are logged at set intervals, giving you accurate data from anywhere in the world. This log can be emailed as a PDF to your local health department or downloaded and printed to present at audit time.


The most exciting feature of Templogger is the Alert system. When your fridge is being monitored 24 hours a day, you know your stock is safe. The app can send you a push notification with an alarm and email to alert you that action needs to be taken when a fridge is in the 'danger zone'.

Extensive Report

Reporting has never been easier, with graphs and accurate data ready for presentation to the health department at the click of a button. Our cloud will save all of your information for up to 2 years.



Our temperature sensors can be used in any environment that requires monitoring using local WiFi or Cellular connection. Meaning you can monitor fridge and freezers in buildings or on the go


Measure humidity from 0 to 100 %RH this sensor can also be combined with a temperature probe

Liquid Level

Used for water or liquid level measurement for water tanks, medicine, chemicals, municipal water supply, grease traps, septic tanks and drainage


Monitor such as Gage/Absolute/Differential, range -1 to +700 bar, ultra-low power consumption

Soil Moisture

Sensors can be used for applications such as intelligent irrigation systems, greenhouses, pastures for live-stock, soil testing


Delivers high accuracy measurement and stability. It has multiple outputs and can work with many types of GPS devices worldwide


System & App

The hardware is the body and the software is the soul. Our team has developed a complete temperature logging solution to meet the needs of your business

Reliable Cloud Platform

Login to the cloud from any location to keep accurate temperature records. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud computing service

High Performance System

Each sensor is checked every 5 minutes to provide full log records and real-time alerts on the apps and email

Durable Long-lasting Devices

All sensors and receivers are built to provide 'peace of mind' - they are high performance, durable and long-lasting

Easy to Use Apps

Apps are designed to be simple, powerful and easy to use without the need for detailed instructions or training

Our Customers

Templogger has proudly implemented the automatic temperature logging & alert system for the following customers

Customer Success Stories

TBones, Queensland

T-Bones purchased the Templogger System in October 2018. They require fridge and freezer monitoring 24/7.

Since installation of the Templogger system T-Bones has been notified at least four times when a refrigeration system has failed and a potential stock loss was prevented on each occasion.

Due to the prevention of stock loss T-Bones has benefited from a large reduction in insurance premiums. With these savings the business return on investment was achieved in the first twelve months



" Installed Templogger in our Fine Grocer Store in Richmond Victoria in November 2017. The service has been without fault, installation simple and it works! In fact Templogger highlighted some deficiencies in our fridge temperatures which were easy fixed. The best part is there is no manual recording of temperatures and I have complete peace of mind should there be a fridge failure in my absence. "

Richard Konarik - Fredericks Finer Grocer

" We have had Templogger since February this year. It has already paid for itself as I had a fridge breakdown only one month ago, the app alerted me to it and I had plenty of time to empty the fridge and save all the products. "

Joe Sinopoli - Manager, Mount Eliza Village Fruits - 16/07/2018

" Templogger is the best investment I have made for my pizza shop, it saves lots of time checking temperatures every-day and I also have 24/7 monitoring of my fridges. Service is extremely high and I would recommend Templogger to anyone. "

Giuseppe Colosimo - Owner, The Pizza Doctor - 13/07/2018


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Cool Tools Australia Pty Ltd

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Cold Logic, Melbourne

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